Exotic Stone Tiles for the Most Unique Home Accents

Exotic Stone Tiles Create Stunning Mosaic Designs
Exotic Stone TilesTo create an exotic look in various rooms of the home, stone tiles that come in a range of different shapes, colours and sizes are the perfect way to adapt an appearance that is reminiscent of different time periods and countries.
There is a range of different styles that can be attained with the perfect blend of mosaic arrangements. With a variety of textures and colours, homeowners are creating beautiful upgrades that are greatly increasing the value of their properties.
Bathroom or Kitchen
The most common place in the home to find exotic stone tile designs is in the bathroom, but they are commonly employed in the kitchen for countertop and wall designs as well.
Mosaic stone tiles offer several benefits aside from their stunning look. Primarily, they are ideal to implement in bathroom or exterior designs, as they are capable of withstanding damp conditions as well as various degrees of outdoor weather. Small mosaic stone tile designs are usually found as a lining for a pool or on the ground in the pool area of a property. In these instances, the mosaic designs are usually set in an array of blue shades, to give off a gorgeous aquatic feel.
Stone tiles are resistant to mold, meaning that homeowners will not have to fret over water damage. The presence of marble not only enhances the luxurious look of an outdoor patio or pool, it will also greatly increase the value of the home in question.
There is a range of different themes that decorators can employ using exotic stone tiles in the bathroom. Some favour the old-style, classic look that is reflective of a Tuscany property. These tiles come in sleek stripes for a pulled together look, or tumbled marble, that provides a more rustic appeal. The colour of these stones are various shades of neutrals, such as beiges and greys and can be matched with virtually any paint colour.
Some people prefer more vibrant colour options when it comes to their bathroom. Blues and greens in the shower can lighten up the look of the room, while still maintaining an appearance of high luxury.
Patterns and Designs
While certain tile colours and shapes are equated with a specific time period or region, it is possible to get creative with mosaic art. The look of patterns and borders can accentuate various features, such as around a fireplace, sink, mirror or entertainment center.
The same benefits of installing stone wall tiles can be applied to countertops and flooring. Marble and granite are highly durable materials. As a result, they offer the perfect option for highly trafficked areas. Homeowners can rest assured that home renovations conducted with these materials will offer a significant return down the line. They are scratch and crack resistant and provide a beautiful look to kitchen countertops or floors. Mosaic tiles are also commonly found in hallway columns and will enhance the grandeur of any entrance.
Exotic stone tiles can be purchased from top importers of marble and granite. These suppliers will work with homeowners to help them attain the perfect look for their property so they can achieve the renovation of their dreams.